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The BTS management solution can energize the remote station to obtain diagnosis and daily operating condition of the station, automatically. In addition, real-time fault report and alert notification are also available.

Our station monitoring management solution reacts promptly to the site information of the station, through which the system is capable of reducing the risk of fuel theft, and controlling fuel consumption for reduction in operating cost, effectively.

Main unit: S200
External device: control panel, temperature sensor, RFID, camera, fuel sensor.

Function of BTS Management Solution
1. Remote BTS environment monitoring & management
2. Remote fuel consumption monitoring & management
3. Remote power monitoring & management
4. Maintenance staff management
5. Emergency and dispatch management

1. Cost reduction for BTS operation & management
2. Scheduled device maintenance
3. Timely power supply
4. Fuel and power consumption reduction
5. Guarantee for safety of important equipment

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