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As a professional supplier, we are in the position to offer fuel sensor solution for fuel consumption monitoring and management. The product we offer is capable of solving the following problems encountered by the traditional product.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring
1. Poor accuracy, oil sticking of floater
2. Wrong alarm, low resolution
3. Poor power adaptability, incompatible with complex vehicle power system
4. Poor reliability and stability
5. Poor flexibility, incapable of working with irregular fuel tank
6. Impossibility of on-site calibration of fuel sensor
7. Inconvenient installation and maintenance

Fuel Management
1. Fuel theft control, incapable of acquiring evidence
2. False receipt, incorrect fueling value control
3. Difficulty in analyzing the reason for huge fuel consumption
4. Impossibility of obtaining single fuel curve, mileage, adaptive cruise control information, speed, and so on, for analysis.
5. Incapable of offering information such as fuel consumption condition for each 100km, trip, and idling. Simple report not available.

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