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Main Products
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker GP6000 GP6000 is an advanced GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, which can fully satisfy the complicated needs of mobile asset management, it can support 3 different sensors at the same time, which enable the unit to suit customer's advanced application requirements...
  • Portable GPS Tracker JT600C Our portable GPS tracker JT600C is a small-size multi-function GPS tracker. It features small size and waterproof which are characteristic of a portable tracker. It also has good external circuit processing ability and signal detection function like a car tracker ...
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker GP5000 GP5000 is a reliable GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking device, which can work with the original fuel sensor and one external device among RFID, temperature sensor, MDT, camera, numeric keypad, it would be suitable for redevelopment....
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker GP4000 GP4000 is a mainstream GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, designed as solution for fleet management, which is a robust fleet tracking device not only allows MDT but also supports external high precision fuel sensor...